Welcome to Aegis Malinnov

Aegis Malinnov Sdn Bhd is a licensed firearms and ammunitions manufacturing company licensed by Ministry of Home Affairs, Malaysia. Our human capital workforces are comprised of experienced people with diverse mastery.Our energy and drive is tempered by solid experience from our board of directors and advisors. We have wisdom and patience at our disposal to direct our energy and efforts.

Our energy and hard work reflects the blue ocean ideas, we have built the beginnings of a global network that will help us attain perfection in every aspect of our work. We are here for the long run, we are here to make our mark globally and we are here to succeed.

Our Core Business


Design and manufacture weapons such as semi automatic pistols, Rocket Propelled Grenades, Multiple Launcher Rocket System and weapon support accessories.


Small Arms and ammunition supplier for government agencies and licensed firearms and ammunition holders.


Manufacturing precision components for various industry such as aerospace, defence and security.